Which TEFL Course Should I Take?

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Which TEFL Course Should I Take?

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What is TEFL?

TEFL stands for Teaching English as a Foreign Language. In order to gain access to the TEFL industry, there are many types of TEFL certificates, such as weekend courses, online courses and face to face courses. However, there are only two accredited
qualifications – the Trinity CertTESOL (Certificate in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) and the Cambridge CELTA (Certificate of English Language Teaching to Adults).

What is the difference between CELTA or TEFL or TESOL?

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The Trinity CertTESOL and CELTA courses are the only accredited TEFL courses which are recognised by both the British Council and employers worldwide. The qualifications and recognition are exactly the same, the only difference is is that the CELTA is accredited by Cambridge University and the Trinity CertTESOL by Trinity College London. Other TEFL courses will not have the same credibility, therefore may not be effective in helping
you to start your career as an EFL teacher.

What type of TEFL course should I take?

There is a TEFL course to suit everyone. We now offer full-time (4-weeks), part-time (8-weeks) and the Online Blended TESOL which includes a face-to-face component. This means you can attend a course that fits around your needs. Whether you are semi-retired, just out of university or looking for a complete career change, we have the course option to suit your
needs. Check out our TEFL Course Dates to see the options available.

Course Timetables:

  • Full-time Trinity CertTESOL course (4 weeks)
    Monday – Friday 10:30am – 7pm, including some short breaks and a lunch break.
  • Part-time Trinity CertTESOL course (8 weeks)
    Monday 10:30am – 7pm, Tuesday & Thursday 3pm-7pm.
    (including some short breaks)
  • Online Blended Trinity CertTESOL course (10 weeks)
    8 weeks online (65 hours)
    2 weeks face to face Monday to Friday from 9.30am to 6pm

Is there an age limit to take a TEFL?

Absolutely not! Our applicants are between the ages of 18-65! Some people are looking for a complete career change, others for a qualification that will allow them to travel the world and work abroad and there are also people looking for a qualification that will allow them to earn during semi-retirement. The beauty of TEFL is the diversity! You will be studying with people from all over the world and of all age groups.

Can I complete the TEFL course online?

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Too busy to attend a face to face TEFL course? Take our Online Blended TESOL. This flexible option will allow you to study online and attend our training centres in either Rome or Malaga for teaching practice. The Online Blended TESOL is accredited by Trinity College London and recognised by the British Council and employers worldwide. Credits are also awarded towards degree programmes offered by universities in the UK.

Will you help me find a TEFL job?

Absolutely! We will deliver a 2-hour careers workshop during your face to face component as well as ongoing careers support even after you have completed the course.

Our Careers Service includes:

  • CV and cover letter writing
  • Interview preparation
  • How and where to find TEFL jobs worldwide
  • Letter of recommendation and referees
  • Exclusive job offers -through our private Graduates Facebook Group
  • Additional unobserved teaching practice

What can I expect on the course?

The course is a combination of:

  1. Guided lesson preparation and observed teaching practice with real students
  2. Input sessions related to English language teaching and methodology
  3. 4 individual reflective assignments

Still not sure what to expect from the course? Check out the Testimonials for yourself and find out what our graduates say about the course!

Can you help me find accommodation in Rome?

Finding short-term accommodation in a busy city like Rome is often difficult. Your accommodation is an important factor of your TEFL experience, so we want to make sure that you get the most out of your stay by providing you with accommodation options. For this reason, the accommodation offered is in easy reach of the training centre and on a metro line. Our accommodation-finding service is optional and costs just €50. This can be discussed in more detail during your pre-course interview.

What is Rome like as a location?

Rome is a fantastic city to live and study a TEFL course in. Surely one of the most beautiful cities in the world and the cradle of western civilization, you’ll be surrounded by culture and history.  It is an incredible city with great panoramas, piazzas, buildings, churches, ruins, museums and  wonderful restaurants.

Situated in the middle of the Italian peninsula and close to the sea, Rome has a temperate climate all year long.  The combination of culture, wonderful people, Italian lifestyle and great food will make your stay an unforgettable experience!

How can I apply for the TEFL course?

1. Choose your course date and complete the Application Form or drop us an email at info@tefl-in-italy.com
2. Arrange your skype, WhatsApp or face-to-face interview
3. Get accepted onto the course and pay your deposit
4. Start your pre-course pack
5. Join us in Malaga and start the journey of a lifetime!

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